Supplemental Academics

STEM & Outdoor Education

STEM classes are taught to students in grades kindergarten through 5th, and our teachers stay up to date with the latest resources to provide authentic, collaborative, hands-on learning for students.

Our 6th–8th grade science curriculum is developed according to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Students in grades 6th-8th participate in an annual Science Fair where they present unique STEM projects to the school community. 7th grade students are eligible to register their projects for awards and potential scholarships from St. Patrick – St. Vincent High School.

Outdoor education programs are available to our students. Our 4th graders attend Coloma Outdoor Discovery School every year where they spend 3 days and 2 nights in Coloma, California learning about the California Gold Rush through experiential learning . Our 6th graders attend outdoor science camp at Caritas CYO Camp in a Redwood forest in Occidental, California with other Catholic schools. At Caritas students spend a school week hiking, exploring their surroundings, and experiencing science in nature.


Spanish is taught in grades kindergarten through 8th with classes twice a week. Students in the lower grades are introduced to the Spanish language through topics including vocabulary, counting, and music. Writing and conversation are the focus of the curriculum for students in the upper grades, preparing them for Spanish class at the high school level.


Music class is taught in grades kindergarten through 8th. Students learn and practice music for our school Masses, annual Christmas program, D.A.R.E. Graduation, Author’s Night, and other school events and activities.


Physical Education is taught in grades kindergarten through 8th with classes twice a week. Our P.E. classes promote an active lifestyle for students and introduce them to a variety of different sports and athletic activities.