Parent Volunteers

Community is at the heart of the St. Dominic experience

Community is a focal part of the everyday experience at St. Dominic School. At Mass, we worship together as faith-filled communities, thanking the Lord for giving us another day to enjoy our families, the many gifts we have been given, and the opportunity to be led by His grace. Each school activity, from sporting events to theater productions, is preceded by prayer and the affirmation of community.

School-sponsored functions give life to our St. Dominic School community. Parents and children participate in regular fundraising events and socials where friendship is celebrated, bonds are forged over delicious food and drink, and connections are established through faith and good fellowship. 

Parent & Student Volunteer Requirements 

The talents and generosity of our school families and guardians bring depth and spirituality to the Catholic school educational model. Parent volunteer hours are an important way we model Christian service in the family and in our community. While events or opportunities for service hours may seem simple, collectively they make a big difference in the life of our school and the mission we share.

Every registered family at St. Dominic School is responsible for 25 service hours to the school each school year. Service to the school can be earned in a variety of ways including, but not limited to: room parent, coaching, field trip chaperones, hot lunch support, gardening, set up and cleaning up around special events, and more. All parents performing service hours are cleared by the diocese prior to service. Each event will indicate what type of clearance is required.